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A marriage contract is a legal document that you and your intended spouse record decisions concerning. A marriage contract must be notarized and it must be signed before a notary. Here are the details you need to know about entering into a marriage agreement.

  • Marriage contract:

A marriage contract is a legal document that allows you to choose a matrimonial regime which is different from the legal and regulatory regime. The legal regime is the regime that applies by default to couples who do not have a marriage contract. Since July 1, 1970, the legal regime is the regime of partnership of acquests.

In other words, it’s a contract or agreement between prospective spouses, that lays out each person’s rights and responsibilities in regards to their marriage.

  • When a marriage contract should be done:

A marriage contract can be done before the wedding but it will not enter into force until the solemnization of marriage. If you did not make a marriage contract at the celebration of your marriage, but you feel the need of such a document later, please note that the law allows you to switch matrimonial regime during your marriage.

While most people have these matters squared away before they officially tie the knot, it’s not a requirement. A marriage document can be created after the marriage or the agreement can be changed during the course of the marriage.

  • Why choose a notary for your marriage contract?

In Quebec, marriage contracts are only valid when they are signed before a notary. Moreover, as a legal expert specializing in family law, the notary will give you clear explanations as to various matrimonial regimes and advise you properly with regard to your situation.

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