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Civil Marriage - Civil Wedding Celebration


Mtre. Mona Salehi Notary

Mtre Mona Salehi Notary

Reliable Notary & Civil Wedding Officiant in Montreal

Montreal Notary & Legal Adviser – “Established Since 2011”

Need a notary in Montreal? Our specialized notarial firm is at your service, accompanying you in juridical and legal needs, and drafting of several types of notarial documents. We have developed through years an expertise in civil marriages, marriage contracts, amicable divorces, liquidation of estates, drawing up notarial wills, powers of attorney, protection mandates, tutorship to minors, opening of supervision regimes, etc.

Mtre. Mona Salehi, Montreal notary, member of the Chambre of notaires du Québec and the professional association of Notaries of Quebec.

We Offer Various Services Such as:

Will Preparation Service

Unlike a holographic will and a will before witnesses, a notarial will take effect upon the death of the testator and does not need a verification.

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is a contract between two people which authorizes a person to fulfill on behalf of another person routine administrative deeds.

Wedding Celebration

Solemnizing your marriage before a notary carries many advantages. The notary will be able to provide you with personalized legal advice.

Marriage Contract

A marriage contract is a legal document that allows you to choose a matrimonial regime which is different from the legal and regulatory regime.

Notary and Civil Marriage Officiant

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One of the important parts of the organization of your marriage is to choose your officiant. It is your officiant who will set the pace of the ceremony.
If you are opting for a civil marriage, it will be a wise choice to have a notary solemnize your marriage. In addition to solemnization of the ceremony, your notary will give you a wealth of legal information and advice regarding the effects of the marriage and other related matters.

It is also possible for the notary to solemnize your marriage much sooner than the Courthouse.
It is naturally important to choose a notary who has the required experience and presence in order to perform and lead the ceremony. Mona Salehi is your best choice for your civil marriage officiant notary. Her marriage services include a legal consultation, publication of the bans, performing the ceremony and sending the signed documents to the government for registration.
As a free and courtesy benefit, her ceremony room, simple and elegant, is at your disposal for the ceremony. Thus, you will not be married in an office, around computers and papers, but in a private and purely white room. If you wish to get married in Montreal, wait no more and contact us!

Notary Marriage

Wedding Celebration Room

With several thousand weddings celebrated in her career, Mona Salehi notary and her team are able to assist you in making your civil wedding a memorable event.

It was in 2002 that the law allowed notaries to perform civil marriages. The notary has the privilege of being an actor and a key witness to the marriage of the couples who marry each other in Quebec.

The notary who will celebrate your civil marriage will answer your questions about matrimonial regimes, the prenuptial agreement, the conduct of the ceremony, obtaining a marriage certificate, etc. Thanks to her expertise, the notary will be able to inform you of ways to protect your wealth, and your loved ones after marriage, for example through a will. As of your civil marriage, the notary will be your family legal advisor who will accompany you through the major stages of your life.

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Who We Are

– Mtre. Mona Salehi, notary LL.L D.D.N. –
Mtre. Mona Salehi graduated in notarial law from the University of Montreal and is a member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Professional Association of Notaries of Quebec.

  • 2011 – Member of the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec and the Association of notaries.
  • 2012 – Member of the International Union of Notaries.
  • 2016 – Accredited Mediator by the Institut de médiation du Québec.

Our Services

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Legal Consultation →
Marriage Contract →
Will Preparation →

Celebration of civil union →
Codicil →
Civil mediation →
Amicable divorce →

Power of Attorney →
Mandate in case of incapacity →
Renunciation of a succession →
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a notary marry you in Quebec?2023-08-16T05:09:11-04:00

Absolutely. Since 2002, a notary can solemnize the marriage of a couple in Quebec. Getting married with a notary has many advantages such as having a consultation end legal advice and explanations on the various matrimonial regimes. The notary will also take charge of the administrative/registration aspect of the civil marriage with the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec.

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