Why solemnizing your marriage before a notary?
    ASolemnizing your marriage before a notary carries many advantages. The notary will be able to provide you with personalized legal advice as to the legal consequences and also the property consequences of a marriage. The notary will also be capable of advising you on choosing a matrimonial regime. If your situation requires, the notary can draw up your marriage contract.

    By solemnizing your marriage before a notary, you can choose the place and the date of celebration as soon as possible, comparing to what’s offered by the courthouse. Finally, our fees for solemnizing a marriage are accessible, starting from $ 350 for a wedding celebration during the weekdays in our office.

    Why a notarial will?
    AUnlike a holographic will and a will before witnesses, notarial will take effect upon the death of the testator (the person making the will) and does not need a verification procedure with a notary or the superior Court of Quebec, which incurs expenses. Moreover, a will made before a notary being registered with the Registre des dispositions testamentaires et des mandats du Québec(RDTMQ), will allow easy identification and rapid implementation if necessary. The risk of misplacing, degradation, or loss of a will is thus eliminated.

    A notarial will therefore allows a quicker and more economical settlement to the estate. The notary will explain to you the practical definition and the scope of legal terms used in a will, especially when it comes to universal legacy, particular legacy, residuary universal legacy, and the appropriateness of appointing a liquidator and a substitute liquidator.