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    What is a power of attorney?

    The power of attorney is a contract between two people which authorizes a person to fulfill on behalf of another person routine administrative deeds or other more important deeds. There are two types of power of attorney: the general power of attorney, given for all your affairs, and the specific power of attorney, given for a particular purpose.

    When does a power of attorney end?

    The power of attorney ends when both parties have fulfilled their obligations set out in the power of attorney, or when the mandator (the one that gives the proxy) revokes the mandate, or when the mandatary (to whom the proxy is given) waives the proxy. Note that the power of attorney also ends when either party dies, becomes bankrupt or is declared incapable by initiating a protection regime for him.

    Why should you entrust a notary with the drafting of your power of attorney?

    A notary is a specialist in contract drafting. He/She knows how to draw up your proxy so that it reflects your wishes in unequivocal terms.