The favorite divorce of Quebecers is the amicable divorce. Nothing surprising, Quebecers also form a consensual and tolerant society that does not like chicanery, as we learn from the book The Quebec Code/The seven differences that make us a unique people in the world by Jean-Marc Léger, Jacques Nantel and Pierre Duhamel.

The different types of divorce in Quebec

In Quebec, there are two types of divorce: amicable divorce and contested divorce.
Amicable divorce, also called joint divorce, allows you to divorce in a better climate of separation. The spouses agree on all aspects of their breakup such as parenting time for the children, child support, spousal support, the distribution of your property, your assets, your debts and your retirement funds.
Amicable divorce allows for a divorce without conflict or trial. The deadline is faster and the legal, professional and administrative costs are lower.
Contested divorce is a divorce in which the spouses cannot agree on one or more issues of their separation. The spouses will have to go to court and a judge will decide on the terms of their separation.

Quebecers’ favorite divorce

Since 2021, Quebecers’ favorite divorce is undoubtedly amicable divorce.

The table below shows you the number of amicable divorces and the number of contested divorces for the years 2020 to 2023.

Year Number of amicable divorces Number of contested divorces
2020 6 069 6 584
2021 6 388 5 208
2022 5 915 4 742
2023 5 717 5 031

Source: Ministry of Justice of Quebec – Système Plumitif M012 – Management of civil cases – Extraction date: 2024-02-15

The notary for amicable divorce

Me Mona Salehi and her team are available to support you in the amicable divorce process. Since 2011, Me Salehi has been supporting couples who wish to divorce through an amicable divorce. Clients appreciate his great listening skills and his ability to bring together the parties’ comments to reach a consensus.


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