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    What is will research and verification?

    Will research and verification are the operations in which it is ensured that the liquidator has the last will or codicil made by the deceased. This verification is done with the register of Wills of the Chamber of Notaries and the register of wills of the Bar of Quebec. This research is the first steps to take in order to begin the settlement of the estate.

    Why Ask your notary for will search and verification?

    The notary is familiar with the will search and verification procedure. Using the services of a notary will get you a search certificate from the Chamber of Notaries and the Bar of Quebec in a shorter time than that available to the public. The testamentary search certificate will indicate the last official will registered in the Bar of Quebec and Chamber of Notaries and will include the name, address and telephone number of the notary or lawyer who received the document. You will then contact the latter to obtain a copy of the will or codicil.