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Ms. Mona Salehi, a member of the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec, the professional association of notaries of Quebec and Notarial International Union.

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 What are the advantages of the notarial will?

Unlike the holograph will and the will made in presence of witness, notarial will takes effect at the time of testator’s death. The notarial will does not need to be subject to a verification procedure by a notary or by the Superior Court of Quebec, verification process which involves expenses and delays. Moreover, the will made before a notary being registered in the Register of wills of the Chamber of notaries in Quebec, it will allow easy identification and rapid implementation if necessary. The risk of distraction, degradation, or loss of will is thus eliminated.

The notarial will therefore provides faster and cheaper process of settlement of the estate. The notary will explain the precise definition and scope of the legal terms used in a will, such as those are concerned to particular legacy, residuary universal legacy and the nomination process of a liquidator and replacement liquidator.

 How to change a will?

To change a will, two options are available to you. Make a codicil or make a new will. The codicil is recommended for minor changes to a will. For major changes, it is advisable to make a new will.

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What is the price of a notarial will?

The price of a will, like any other legal act, varies according to the complexity of the case, the time spent on file, disbursements (costs of publication of the Land Registry, taxes, registration fees for the Register of Wills of the chamber of the notaries, etc.), management and operation fees (employee (s) of the notary, the localization of the place of business, etc.), expertise and experience of the notary.

The fee of Mtre Salehi for a simple will (not trustee) is $ 350 plus tax.
For a couple, the fee of Me. Salehi for two simple wills (not trustee) is $ 630 plus tax

A will is a written document by which a person (the testator) possesses the manner how its assets shall be distributed after his (her) death.

There are three types of wills recognized by the Civil Code of Québec:

The notarial will (before a notary and a witness in the majority of cases)
The holograph will (handwritten by the testator and signed by him)
The will made in presence of witness (will made before two witnesses).
The will prepared by a lawyer is regarded as a will made before two witnesses.

What is happening for a death without a will?

Upon the death of a person who had no will, his estate will be distributed according to the articles of the Civil Code of Québec. So it may happen the deceased’s assets will not be distributed as it would have wished. The property will be distributed in certain proportions and according to provisions established by the Civil Code of Québec to his children or their representatives, the surviving spouse, his parents or one of them, his brothers and sisters or their representatives and finally his nephews and nieces.

What about the templates of free wills?

I advise you to beware of free wills available on the Web. In many cases, the model will not be prepared in accordance with Quebec law and may not respect one or more articles of the Civil Code of Québec. Moreover, it should be verified, in which result in costs and delays for your heirs. In the end, it will be more expensive than a notarial will!

Why Mtre Mona Salehi, Notary in Montreal?

Mtre Mona Salehi guarantees a will in proper shape and form, which does not have to be certified (verified by the Court), comply with the laws of Quebec, adapted according your needs and your situation. Mtre Salehi draws up your will clearly and precisely in order to restrict the problems of interpretation. Mtre Mona Salehi can be reached by appointment in her office located in downtown Montreal. Make an appointment promptly at 514-903-8560.

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