Each year, the Institut de la Statistique du Québec publishes socio-demographic data on marriages in Quebec. These data shed light on marriage in Quebec.


The number of civil and religious marriages in Quebec

In 2018, 22,800 marriages were celebrated in Quebec, 83 fewer marriages than in 2017.

97% of the marriages united a man and a woman.

3% united same-sex spouses. Among same-sex marriages, there were slightly more female marriages than male (390 female marriages and 324 male marriages). In 2015, 2016 and 2017 there were more male marriages than female.

The average age at first marriage was 32 years old for women and 33.6 for men.


Type of marriage celebrant

There are different types of marriage celebrants authorized to celebrate marriages in Quebec: ministers of religion, designated celebrants, notaries, etc.

In 2018, the most common type of celebrant was the minister of religion who was chosen by 38% of the future spouses. This was followed by designated persons at 30%. The notary celebrant was chosen by 17% of future spouses and the courthouse clerk was the choice of 15% of future spouses. The proportion of civil marriages celebrated at the courthouse has almost halved in 13 years.


Marriages celebrated on the Island of Montreal

In 2018, 6,829 marriages were celebrated on the Island of Montreal. There were civil marriages than the number of religious marriages.

Out of the 6,829 marriages celebrated there were:

  • 3,136 religious marriages
  • 3,693 civil marriages
    • 980 celebrated by a court clerk or assistant clerk
    • 973 celebrated by a designated person
    • 1,840 celebrated by a notary


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