Amicable divorce, officially known as a joint application for divorce on draft agreement, is a beneficial solution for couples who wish to divorce.

Amicable divorce, as with disputed divorce, may be pronounced on four grounds. The recognized grounds are adultery, physical cruelty, mental cruelty or the fact that the spouses have lived separately for at least one year before the judgement was pronounced.


The benefits of amicable divorce with a notary

  • Faster divorce process,
  • Inexpensive divorce compared to a disputed divorce,
  • Calm divorce with less stress and emotions,
  • Private non-public divorce because the divorce does not take place before the Court,
  • No need to take days off work to go to Court because it is the notary who represents you.


Divorce calmly with a notary

According to a recent survey by the Leger Marketing firm, 81% of Quebecers would work with a notary to have an amicable divorce agreement approved by a court. This is not surprising, since the notary is recognized as the jurist specializing in individual and family law.


Mona Salehi Notaire – Mtre Salehi and her team will assist you in this process to allow you to divorce amicably, in a non-confrontational climate.


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