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    Celebration of civil union by a notary

    What is solemnization of civil union?
    The solemnization of civil union is a ceremony that takes place in a solemn place, during which the notary, who acts as a public officer, receives the mutual consent of spouses and declares them united to each other.

    Why solemnize your civil union before a notary?
    Solemnizing your civil union before a notary carries many advantages. The notary will be able to provide you with personalized legal advice as to the legal consequences and also the property consequences of a civil union. The notary will also be capable of advising you on choosing a matrimonial regime. If your situation requires, the notary can draw up your civil union contract. By solemnizing your civil union before a notary, you can choose the place and the date of celebration as soon as possible, compared to what is offered by the courthouse.
    Finally, our fees for solemnizing a civil union are affordable, starting from $500 for a civil union celebration during weekdays in our office.

    Civil Marriage - Civil Wedding Celebration

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    Civil union, like civil marriage, is an act performed by two people who agree to live together and to respect the rights and obligations of their union. Unlike civil marriage, which is valid everywhere in the world, civil union is only recognized in Quebec or in countries that allow it.
    To unite civilly, you must not be married or in a civil union with another person. You will need to give free and informed consent, meaning that no one can force you to do so and that you must understand the effects of your civil union. It is not possible to unite with a person with whom you are related or if one of the spouses has been declared totally incompetent by the court.
    The celebration of your civil union must follow the same formalities and the same requirements as a civil marriage. Finally, civil union spouses must respect the same rights and obligations as spouses who are civilly married.
    Authorized civil union celebrants are, among others, notaries, a clerk, a mayor or a municipal councillor.

    You could also designate a loved one to celebrate your civil union. The spouses must be physically present at their civil union ceremony and cannot be represented by proxy.

    Civil Marriage - Civil Wedding Celebration
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