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Are you planning to celebrate your civil marriage soon? Has the idea of celebrating your wedding at the Courthouse attracted your attention? There are many options available to you: choosing a loved one to be your officiant, choosing a notary officiant, choosing an authorized officiant or choosing a court clerk for a marriage at the Courthouse. If you choose this last option, be aware that it has a few disadvantages.

At a civil marriage at the Courthouse, there is no legal counsel with a court clerk
With a clerk or assistant clerk of the Superior Court as officiant of your civil marriage, you do not have the benefit of any legal advice on matrimonial regimes and the effects of marriage.
✔ I will explain the different regimes and their practical implications in the context of the pre-marriage legal consultation. You will choose your matrimonial regime fully informed!

There are long waiting times ahead for the future bride and groom at the Courthouse
You will have to wait at least 72 days before being married. As of June 9, 2016, the first time available at the Montreal Courthouse was August 20, 2016, a wait of 2 months and 11 days!
✔ I can officiate your marriage 20 days after our first meeting.

Imposed day for celebrating civil marriage
You cannot choose the day of your wedding. It must be celebrated on a Saturday.
✔ I can officiate your marriage from Monday to Saturday.

At the Courthouse, the civil marriage ceremony is impersonal
At the Courthouse, the ceremony cannot be personalized. This means that the court clerk will read articles 392 to 396 of the Quebec Civil Code then receive the consent of the future spouses.
✔ With me, the spouses can introduce personalized elements into the ceremony. In addition, I offer an elegant ceremony room free of charge to the future spouses.

Are you looking for information about civil marriage officiants? Contact Mtre Mona Salehi, Notary and Civil Marriage Officiant in Montreal – Direct line: 514-903-8560.

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