Year after year, I see that more and more couples are choosing February 14, Valentine’s Day, to get married. The symbolism is strong, but it must not obscure the fact that for the future spouses, there are certain formalities relating to civil marriage, particularly in regard to the publication of marriage.

The deadline for the publication of marriage

According to law, solemnization of a marriage can only take place 21 days after the date of publication of the banns. Publication of the banns is publication of a notice of marriage. This notice of marriage must be posted at the Register of notices of marriage and civil union  with the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec. If the spouses have been in a civil union, no publication is required, the marriage can be celebrated without delay.

Getting married on Valentine’s Day

For a wedding on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2017), 24 January 2017 is therefore the deadline to meet me in order for the preparation for your wedding. I suggest you contact me promptly as this date is very popular!

Find an officiant for your wedding in Montreal

Contact me at 514-903-8560 Mona Salehi Notary to prepare your civil marriage. You can learn more about our civil marriage solemnization service and its benefits and our wedding ceremony hall.

Me. Salehi solemnizes hundreds of weddings each year and has extensive expertise of matrimonial property regimes. With an innate presence and poise, Me. Salehi solemnizes your wedding in a very professional and secure manner.

Mona Salehi – Notaire et célébrant de mariage civil

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