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    What is a civil union contract?

    A civil union contract is a legal document that allows you to choose a matrimonial regime that is different from the legal regime. The legal regime is the regime that applies by default to couples who do not enter into a civil union contract. Since July 1, 1970, the legal regime has been the regime of partnership of acquests.

    When must the civil union contract be made?

    The civil union contract can be made before the celebration of the civil union but it will not come into force until the date of the celebration of the civil union. If you did not enter into a civil union contract during the celebration of your civil union but today you feel the need for such a document, be aware that the law allows you to change regimes during your civil union.

    Why make your civil union contract with a notary?

    In Quebec, civil union contracts are only valid when they have been signed before a notary. In addition, as a jurist specializing in family law, the notary will be able to give you clear explanations on the various matrimonial regimes and advise you appropriately with regard to your situation.

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    Who can draw up a civil union contract?

    A civil union contract is a legal act that must be notarized (made by a notary). The notary, in addition to keeping the original in his or her vault, will record its existence by publishing a notice in the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RDPRM).

    What does a civil union contract contain?

    A civil union contract is a legal document that deals with your civil union regime. A civil union regime mentions the rules according to which the property of the spouses will be managed during their civil union and how it will be distributed in the event of separation. It is important to note that the property included in the family patrimony are not concerned by the civil union contract. The civil union contract will also deal with your donations to your spouse or to your children that you make during your lifetime or after your death, as well as your provisions in the event of death.

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    Civil union contract
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