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    What is a codicil?

    A codicil is a deed which is written after the making of the will. A Codicil contains details or new provisions that supplement, modify or cancel one or more clauses or provisions that were in the original will.

    Why make a codicil rather than a new will?

    The codicil is recommended if the testator (the one who made the will) wants to make minor changes. In the case of more significant changes, it is advisable to make a new notarial will, which cancels and replaces the last existing will.

    Why have a notary write your codicil?

    The notary is an expert in drawing up the contract. She will write your codicil to reflect your intentions unequivocally. In addition, the codicil, as a notarial will, is registered at the Register of Wills and Mandates in Quebec (RDTMQ) and is kept en minute by the notary. This facilitates identification of the codicil. The risk of error, degradation, or loss of codicil is thus eliminated.