Are you looking for a notary in Montreal to prepare a contract of cohabitation?

What is a contract of cohabitation?

A contract of cohabitation is concluded between two persons who live together that are neither married nor in a civil union. The contract of cohabitation is a civil contract in which people define their rights and duties within their relationship. The parties can also anticipate what will happen in case of rupture (break up) or death of a partner.

Why consult a notary to draw up a contract of cohabitation?

The notary is a specialist in drawing up contracts and also in family law. Besides, she has a duty of impartiality. She will therefore be able to support you to draw up an equitable contract of cohabitation. Finally, a contract of cohabitation made before a notary is an authentic document, which gives it the probative force.

Why choose a notary for your civil union contract?

In Quebec, civil union contracts are valid only when they are signed before a notary. Moreover, as a legal expert specializing in family law, the notary will give you clear explanations as to various matrimonial regimes and advise you properly with regard to your situation.

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