In Quebec, there are two types of marriage, civil marriage and religious marriage. These two types of marriage create the same duties and obligations for the spouses, one to the other.

The same articles of the Civil Code of Quebec must be read to the spouses in both types of marriage, and the course of the ceremony is essentially the same. There are differences between civil marriage and religious marriage which are summarized in the comparative table below.

Civil Marriage Religious Marriage
Celebrant A clerk or assistant clerk of the Superior Court;

A notary;

A mayor;

A member of the municipal or borough council;

A municipal official;

A one-day celebrant

Religious representative:

  • Parish priest
  • Pastor
  • Priest
  • Imam
  • Rabbi
  • Bishop
  • Reverend
  • Other Minister of worship
Place of celebration Courthouse

City Hall

Any place agreed with the celebrant which respects the solemn nature of the civil marriage and which is arranged for this purpose, like a ceremony room.

Place of worship:

  • church
  • temple
  • synagogue
  • mosque
  • etc.
Legal advice Yes, only if the celebrant is a notary No
Marriage contract Yes, only if the celebrant is a notary No
Possibility of refusing to celebrate the marriage by the celebrant No, if the conditions for marriage are met Yes, if the marriage goes against the principles of the religion, even if the conditions for marriage are met.

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