Are you looking for a notary in Montreal to homologate the protection mandate?

When a person has a mandate and he becomes incapacitated, the mandate must be homologated to be enforceable. The law set up a mechanism to prevent abuse: the homologation procedure of the mandate will involve a doctor, a social worker and a notary. The notary must be accredited by the Chamber of notaries to certify your mandate.

Why have a notary homologate a protection mandate?

The Code of Civil Procedure sets a leading role for the notary to make the process of homologation of a mandate more easily accessible, faster and less expensive. Moreover, the notary is the only specialist in the personal protection regime.

Are you looking for a notary in Montreal to homologate a protection mandate?

Contact Mtre Mona Salehi promptly at 514 903-8560. Mtre Mona Salehi is a member of the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec, the Professional Association of Notaries of Quebec, the Institute for Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec and the International Union of Notaries.

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