Many bride and groom are looking for a list of authorized civil marriage officiants in Quebec. A list of celebrants would indicate the types of celebrants, their name and region (s) of practice. The Registrar of Civil Status of Quebec manages the Register of Celebrants.

Operation of the Register of officiants

The Register of officiants will not present you with a list of civil marriage officiants.

It allows you to verify that an officiant is authorized to celebrate a civil marriage or a civil union on a specific date. You must enter the first and last name of the officiant, as well as the date of the wedding. Subsequently, if the celebrant in question is authorized, you will find his name, the organization to which the celebrant is attached and the date of the wedding.

To be registered, a notary must be a member in good standing of the Chambre de notaires du Québec and receive deeds in minutes. A clerk will have to be employed by the Ministry of Justice. A mayor, a municipal or district councilor and the other elected municipal officials are authorized to celebrate marriages as long as they hold this office. They can therefore no longer celebrate marriages when their functions come to an end.

Although the registry does not allow you to find a wedding officiant (but rather to verify that an officiant is authorized), it is still possible to create a list using the Registry of marriage notices and civil union.

List of wedding officiants in the Montreal region

To generate a list of potential celebrants you can use search engines.

You can also consult the marriage and civil union notices published on the site of the Registrar of Civil Status. By choosing the Montreal region, you will see marriage notices for the Montreal administrative region and you will be able to see the most active celebrants. You can then learn about each of them and choose the celebrant who will unite you for the big day.

List of civil marriage officiants in other regions of Quebec

You can generate a list of celebrants for the 16 other regions of Quebec by following the steps described above.


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