Donating to a charity or association in your will is a way to support a cause you care about.

The different forms of donation

There are different forms of donations that can be made by will:

  • special legacy,
  • residual legacy,
  • universal legacy,
  • life insurance,
  • etc.

Regardless of its form, a donation will allow you to support the actions of a charity.

Who will give the donation (legacy) to the charity?

The legacy will be delivered by the liquidator of the estate, on behalf of the estate.

Official list of recognized charities in Canada

There is an official list of recognized charities in Canada. This list is maintained by the Government of Canada on a daily basis. It is used to ensure that the charity is duly registered and complies with certain obligations.

Organizations or associations having the greatest impact by donation or legacy in Canada

When making or planning to make a donation or legacy, whether large or small, we naturally want our donation or legacy to make a difference in the cause we wish to support.

Each year, the Charity Intelligence firm publishes a list of charities that have the greatest impact by donation in Canada. This list is a reliable way to choose an organization or association in which your funds will be used well.

Consult a notary to plan a donation by notarized will (a legacy)

With a notarized will, the notary will help you plan your donations clearly and unequivocally. There are numerous benefits to a notarized will compared to the other recognized forms of will in Quebec. Contact Mtre Mona Salehi and her team at 514-903-8560 to plan your donations in your will.

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