Liquidation of an estate is a demanding job. Just as you might have planned ahead and made a will (preferably notarized) and made funeral pre-arrangements, you could also prepare a list of documents and information to help your heirs with your estate.

List of documents and useful information for your heirs

Here is a list of documents and information that could be useful to your heirs:

  • your holographic will or will made in the presence of witnesses if you have not made a notarized will
  • list of your real estate in Canada,
  • list of your real estate abroad,
  • list of your movable property in Canada,
  • list of your movable property abroad,
  • list of banks in which you have an account and account numbers,
  • lists of debts,
  • list of your computer codes,
  • list of your investments,
  • list of your holdings in companies and the relevant documents such as a shareholders’ agreement, for example,
  • list and location of your safety deposit boxes,
  • life insurance policies,
  • marriage contract or cohabitation agreement,
  • judgment of divorce or legal separation,
  • private key for your cryptocurrencies,
  • contact details of your accountant.

Do you have any questions about liquidation of an estate?

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