Certain proceedings, such as non-contentious proceedings, require applicants to submit an application to the Court. Notaries are ideally suited to assist you in this type of proceeding.

Definition of non-contentious proceedings

A non-contentious proceeding is, as its name suggests, a proceeding for which there is no dispute, which is not contested.

In non-contentious proceeding, the notary will act as an attorney and present the request to the Court. It is a judge who will decide what to do with the motion.

Section 15, paragraph 7 of the Notarial Act, states that the notary may represent clients in any non-contentious proceeding, prepare, draft or submit applications for clients relating to them.

For certain non-contentious procedures, the notary will need accreditation. Mtre Mona Salehi has been accredited by the Chambre des notaires du Québec for this since 2011.

Examples of non-contentious proceedings

Non-contentious proceedings include:

Be supported in a non-contentious proceeding

Me Mona Salehi and her team have been supporting you for your needs in non-contentious proceedings since 2011.

Mtre Mona Salehi Inc. – Notary in Montreal

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