I get a lot of calls from clients who want to know if I can officiate a marriage with a foreigner (when either spouse is a non-Canadian). In this short article, you will discover that it is quite possible to arrange a marriage with a foreigner in Quebec, as well as the documents that the non-Canadian future spouse will have to provide. Do not hesitate to contact me at 514-903-5860 if you have any questions about civil marriage with a foreign national.

In Quebec, is it possible to celebrate a marriage with a foreigner (non-Canadian and/or non-resident)?

Marriage in Quebec and throughout Canada is governed in its basic conditions by the federal Civil Marriage Act. This law does not impose any condition on citizenship or residence to permit marriage.

So, yes, it is quite possible to marry a non-Canadian and/or non-resident.

What documents does a non-Canadian future spouse provide to get married?

A non-Canadian and/or non-resident future spouse must provide the same documents as a Canadian: two pieces of valid official photo ID and the original of his or her birth certificate. The document presented must mention the names of the parents and be written in French or English. If the birth certificate is written in a language other than French or English, it must be accompanied by an official translation.

To learn more about marriage with a foreign national

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Consult your notary: a reliable source

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Please note that this article is not legal advice or an opinion. For advice appropriate to your situation and before making a decision or taking any action, you are advised to consult a notary.

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