Le certificat de mariage, tout comme la copie d'acte de mariage servent à prouver le mariage. Il existe quelques différences entre les deux documents.

Your marriage has been celebrated. Congratulations! Now do you wish to know how to obtain your marriage certificate or a copy of your act of marriage? Here’s how to do it!

At the time of your marriage ceremony, the notary (or any other authorized officiant) gives you a copy of the Declaration of Marriage. This Declaration is temporary proof of your marriage.

After your marriage, the notary immediately sends the Declaration of your marriage to the Registrar of Civil Status. Upon reception, the Registrar of Civil Status registers your marriage with the Quebec registry of civil status. This registration can take 3 to 6 weeks.

Difference between a copy of an act of marriage and marriage certificate

The marriage certificate and the act of marriage are both used as proof of the marriage. However, there are several differences between the two documents.

The marriage certificate is 21.5cm x 18.5cm and contains the surnames, first names, sex of the spouses, the date and place of marriage, the registration number, the document number (since March 29, 2005) and the date of issue.

The copy of the act of marriage is 21.5cm x 26.7cm and fully reproduces the information shown on the marriage certificate, document number (since March 29, 2005) and the issue date. The copy of the act of marriage also includes the dates of birth of the spouses, the names of the spouses’ parents, the witnesses’ names and the name of the marriage celebrant.

Before ordering a certificate or a copy of the act of marriage, find out about the type and format of the document to be presented, whether it’s for an immigration application or for administrative procedures.

How to obtain your marriage certificate

As soon as your marriage is registered with the Quebec civil status register, you will receive a letter at your home advising you that your marriage certificate or the copy of your act of marriage is available. You will then have to order your marriage certificate or the copy of your act of marriage online at http://www.etatcivil.gouv.qc.ca/fr/services.html or in person by going to a regional Services Québec service point or to a service counter of the Registrar of Civil Status.


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Please note that this article is not legal advice or an opinion. For advice appropriate to your situation and before making a decision or taking any action, you are advised to consult a notary.

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