A will is a legal document in which a person expresses their last wishes, including to designate the legal guardians of their minor children, distribution of their property and designation of a liquidator for the estate.

There are different types of will and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. It is without a doubt that the notarized will is the form of will that offers the best protection.

Regardless of the current health crisis, every adult person who begins to have some assets and/or family life should have a will. Their will should be up to date and as much as possible reflect their life situation and their wishes at the time.

The pandemic situation we are currently experiencing only highlights a little more the unpredictability of life events in general. It is therefore important for every adult to have planned for the consequences of their decease.

When we already have a will in good and due form, and we want to make one or a few minor modifications, we can make a codicil (amendment). The decision to make a codicil depends on the number and nature of changes to be made to your original will.

Making a will remotely

According to the laws of Quebec currently in force, a notarized deed must be signed in the presence of the notary in order to have its desired authenticity.

However, since the arrival of the pandemic, the Quebec Minister of Justice has given his approval for notarized deeds, including wills and mandates, to be signed remotely. This remote signature must be done following a strict predefined protocol, in order to ensure the identity of the signatories and thus be able to confer the authentic character.

This possibility of remote signing is in place for the duration of this health crisis that we are experiencing. It is uncertain whether this way of proceeding will be allowed beyond the crisis, once our society returns to its normal state.

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